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$20 Challenge and Making Extra $$$$

July 29th, 2006 at 12:41 pm

ok so far I have Overtime, I will start signing up for it next week. Although they had already given me a Mandatory hour for next week LOL.

Ok Ima Saver had given me some brilliant ideas for my $20 Challenge. I do not buy lunch anymore PERIOD, which would probably cost me $20 bucks a week, I could then add that to my $20 Challenge starting Monday.

So lets say I have $20, now $20 = $40 for $20 Challenge. Add $20 each week I do not buy Lunch YIPPEE! Big Grin

I also can figure each time I want to buy something from the machine I could add that $1 or .75 cents as well.

I ate out today so I cannot add that to my Challenge Frown (almost $10)

I am unsure about the whole Coupon thing. But I guess I could do a Cost and Compare.

I also shop at Smith's and use their Savings Card so whenever I Save Money I can add that as well. But since I will be moving my local Grocery store will be Harmons so I will have to see if they have a Savings Card.

I have a Coin Jar. That will be added as well.

Hmmmm I figure I could keep this all on a Spread Sheet.

Now as far as Making Money, I want to Promote My Business which I am going to have a Very Focused, Inexpensive Detailed Marketing Plan.

I also want to Save $50 a week like I was at my previous Job.

2 Responses to “$20 Challenge and Making Extra $$$$”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Great start!!

  2. veronak Says:

    "I do not buy lunch anymore PERIOD" I started this about 2 months ago and I tell you, you will see the difference..big time, Even thoiugh I splurge once ot twice but nothing like I use to. Iwould buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. What waste. I agree with Ima, great start Wink

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