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Bought Lunch!

March 3rd, 2005 at 11:09 am

Yes I know, shame on me. I had too. I just didn't want Ramen today but I will eat it tomorrow.

I notice on the reciept that I owe $10.11. I hope that is correct. I do have two previous reciepts from prior purchases. It may have been taken out of my previous paycheck. I checked and it will be taken out of this one.

I am slipping a little with my Budget and Diet.

I do not have to pay the babysitter for two more weeks but now I have to buy books for my Online Classes. UGH!

I am still going to try to put in $200 in my Savings. My next paycheck is next Friday (03/11/2005).

We are also having a Potluck with an Appetizer Theme, I am coordinating this event. Smile

I also bought from one of my co-workers Fundraiser. $11 Brownies.

We are still a week away till next Payday.

Key Notes:
I was NOT Approved for Overdraft Protection. Frown That is ok. I would probably be more in debt if I was.

I recieved my Child Care Assistance for March of $242.00

Spent: $21.11 (Brownies and Lunch)

Waiting for Direct Deposit

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