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Top Ramen Noodles

March 11th, 2005 at 10:02 am

You know Ramen Noodles are good for you for various reasons...

One, they are Cheap. They average between I believe .07 to .14 cents a pop.

Two, they are Good. The seasonings are added just right and you can always add (My favorite: Crackers & Hot Sauce)

Three, you can make various things with Ramen. From Stir Fry to Pizza.

Four, they are good for your Diet-I have heard a couple of things from people how they use Noodles as a way to lose weight.

Whether your a College Student, Single Mom, Frugal Family you can eat Noodles and Save!

When I was in Job Corps I sometimes did not go to dinner so I went to my "Locker" and pulled out my Noodles and cooked them-they are really relaxing (Like Coffee) because they are warm and they are soup.

I think Ramen Noodles are a great addition to any household Pantry.

And right now as I am at work I am going to make me some for Lunch.

1 Responses to “Top Ramen Noodles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My DH loves to add teryaki and hotsauce to the chicken or even better the teryaki flavor ones.

    I cook them down so they are a cassarole not a soup.

    My DS loves just plain hot sauce, and my DD loves just the "noonles", anyway we make them she will eat them.

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