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Goals Rundown

March 18th, 2005 at 09:01 pm

Ok what are my Financial Goals? What needs to be accomplished? What can I put where!

Situation: Single Mom with baby girl needs Car and House and always to have ALOT in Savings!

***Open up a Savings Account for My Daughter***

Short Term Goals:
1) Get a Car ($130 in Savings) putting money at Credit Union @ .85%

2) Go to Vegas/Wendover (?) (On hold)
3) Get Pampered for a day! (On hold)
4) Get a Credit Card to build my Credit

LONG Term Goals:
1) Save $5,000 this year at 2.60% at ING Direct

2) Build My Business (On hold)
3) Invest in Real Estate (On hold)
4) Invest in Stock Market (On hold)
5) Start an Emergency Fund (On hold)
6) Advertising Fund (On hold)
7) Consolidate My Debt (On hold)
8) Start an IRA (On hold)

1) Work my full time Job and save $400 a month (I Live at home and pay rent)
2) Work my part time Job (Average $200 a week?)
3) Build My Business (Business Goal: $0 to $500 a month?)

Do I want too much?
I am starting slowly by focusing on a few Goals at a time like getting my car and then began my Long Term Savings Goal but I figure if I build my Income Stream with my Part time Job and my Business then I should be ok?

*I am going to eat Lunch @ Work once a week.
*Save all my Change
*Increase my Income within 6 months!!!

1 Responses to “Goals Rundown”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    great goal planning, jacquelyn Smile
    BTW don't forget to open your daughters account as a referral through ING.. that will be an extra 10 bucks for you and 25 for her Smile

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