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Down to my last penny

March 30th, 2005 at 10:48 am

Well I splurged, spent, went on a shopping extravaganza, you name it!

Anyway I had to buy a new headset with amplifier for my at-home Job. That cost me $69.95 which left me with $53.01 and I am still waiting for them to pull from my Checking for Ameriplan which is $35.00 which will leave me approx. $18.01 till next payday.

Cash on Hand- $41.00
Bank Total- $53.01

Bills due:
Ameriplan $35.00
AVON $5.00 (will be joining AVON)
Lunch @ Work- $33.68 (Next Check)
AVON order $35.00 (Next Check)
AVON Check for this order $12.67 (Not been deposited yet)

TOTAL: $7.00 till next payday.

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