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March 31st, 2005 at 11:28 am

Well, I have a NEW Plan set out. I guess you can never stick to one Plan.

I decided on my next check I am going to pay some Medical Bills instead of waiting to pay them. After all the stuff I had bought this last week I think it would make sense throwing away some of that money on my own Debt. I also decided I am going to get Direct Deposit set up for my Savings just so I won't touch any of the money that I could be saving. I am also waiting to qualify for Benefits at work so I can get Tuition Reimbursement and an FSA account.

I am also STILL waiting for my headset so I can start my Work at Home Job. If you are reading this and you want to work at home I recommend visiting http://www.mommysplace.net she offers FREE information and Job Listings about working from home and also how to start your own Virtual Assistant Services.

Now I have to what I am going to do with my Business(es)? Yes, I will be selling AVON soon and I starting this new thing for Credit Solutions.

I would like to put more money in AmeriPlan because that is where my Business lies. That is why I need to study Dani Johnson and get going with my Business. I am still focusing on the Retail portion of the Business. I think I may put an Ad in my local paper and see what happens.

I just wanted to add that I am also going to take a look at my Credit Report and start paying those bills as well. I would love to be on a clean slate before I move into my own house.

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