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Craving Subway

August 9th, 2006 at 08:38 pm

I have a Point Card from there with more than enough Sandwiches but I am not touching it. Instead of Subway I made Hamburgers and ate Cereal.

Tomorrow I am bringing leftovers for Lunch. Fish Sticks. Big Grin Today I had one of those $1 Lean meals that I had purchased for Lunches but then I got sick of them.

Friday we are having a Luncheon at work during Breaks and Lunches so I am going to eat there.

I am more or less anxiously waiting to get into my Aparment.

Called Car Insurance and left a message since it was after hours and asked them to leave me a Message as is to when my direct debit goes out every month.

Called the lady from the Apartment and she told me there is no reason for me not to be Approved. The anticipation is killing me. EEK!

Friday is PAYDAY Big Grin LOVE getting Paid every week!

I am getting an extra $300 as a Housewarming Gift from my Grandparents to use for my Apartment.

Apart from that money by Friday I will also have $625 saved for my Apartment. Big Grin

Spent $1.25 today on a Candy Bar. Frown

1 Responses to “Craving Subway”

  1. fern Says:

    Subway's okay, but it seems no matter what kind of sandwich you get, you end up feeling like you're just eating bread, and still hungry when you're done!

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