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Savings & Pay off Debt

August 15th, 2006 at 07:27 pm

Ok now that I have a Promotion, I need to consider living a Raise Behind and also putting away $40 since my Child Care went down which would equal to an extra $280 a month.

I also want to use my Secured Credit Card to Pay off my Debt as well. I figure since I get Paid Weekly and my Secured Credit Card is Monthly I could figure out a good Monthly Budget in order to pay it all off every month for every penny I spend on Debt since that is one of the original reasons why I got it.

Right now I put Diapers and Gas on it and pay it off every time when I get the Bill. I think I could figure $60 bucks of Debt being Paid off a month and put that in my Budget for Bills. I just do not want to overwhelming myself and then end up screwing up my Secured Credit Card and my Debt also. You know what I mean?

Groceries I think I could manage. I want to budget myself $50 bucks a week and use all the necessary coupons. I really do not need to cook for my daughter and myself but I still like to cook and do not like to deny myself Good Food. KWIM?

Now my Business, this is going to be tough as far as how I need to figure out how much I am going to want to Budget. Hmmmm...I will still need to think hard on that one...I was thinking maybe $20 bucks a Payday.


1 Responses to “Savings & Pay off Debt”

  1. veronak Says:

    Good idea to put away or pay towards your debt the money you would have been paying towards your child care. Also FYI when I got my raise I started depositing the difference to my saving account as well and it has helped. Good luck

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