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Went to spend a $1 at the Dollar Store & $20 Challenge

September 18th, 2006 at 10:22 am

and I ended up Spending $14.47 but keep in mind, everything was an Investment. Like 4x6 Index Card Box to hold all my Coupons and My Envelopes to process my Rebates. I also got my Daughter some more Water Colors because I know how much she Loves them. My Calculator to add and subtract my Finances and Rebates Big Grin and Invitations for my Housewarming Party. Nothing useless except maybe the Laffy Taffy LOL. Big Grin Wink

I forgot to add I owe Myself:

$91.42 for Comcast Discount
$49 for getting a Dining set half of what I set out to Pay
Total: $140.42 to $20 Challenge


$12 Gillette Vibrance Razor
$3 for Batteries
$15 Total

$100 Rent.com
$5 Pinecone Survey

$20 Challenge: $464.03 (I AM CLOSE TO MY GOAL!Big Grin)

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