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Perfect Timing - Norton Anti-Virus Rebate

December 8th, 2006 at 11:38 pm

My Norton 2006 Anti-Virus was just telling me how my 2006 had Expired...I had just purchased a bunch of $5 TVs from Office Depot.com, you know Stockpiling Big Grin and so I decided to check out a Friend's site because I missed the Game! LO and BEHOLD! There is a Overage of $7 and Rebate CC for Norton Anti-Virus! So I made sure I purchased it tonight before the deadline which is tomorrow 12/09/06...and now I am sitting here filling out my Rebate form, wondering where my 2007 software is so I can submit my form with the UPC Code LOLOL!

I also had deposited those Checks which brought my total up to $268 and I got a Jerky Check for $15 that I need to Deposit and have some more Pinecone Checks coming in...

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