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May 11th, 2007 at 07:59 am

I finally took the Initative to ASK to Reduce My Rate for my Bill of $102.90 since I am a Good Standing Customer...and here is what happened....

Billing says oh I don't know, let me get you to Sales....so I speak to the Sales Dept and I told the lady the same thing..."I am a Good Paying Customer, I pay on time every month is there any Promotion I can use right now to reduce my Rate?" and she says "Oh let me check your area and she checks my area, which is SLC and she says "Oh it looks like we are very Competitive in your area, there is a Promotion you can do without having to get the phone" So now my Bill dropped down to $73!!! I am So Happy! They were so Friendly, I was so Friendly! I told the Sales lady, I really appreciate it and everything! I am just so happy now!! Big Grin Smile

I HIGHLY Recommend Comcast!

2 Responses to “I LOVE COMCAST!!!”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:


  2. Amber Says:

    way to go, it deosn't hurt to ask

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