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Went Shopping today

August 25th, 2007 at 08:02 pm

And Shopped through ONLY CLEARANCE Section at the Mall. I stopped at American Eagle and got two shirts for $6.95 a piece from $19.50 and the other was over $20 something dollars. I also went to the Victoria's Secret Store and printed off my $10 Off VS PINK Line and got myself a "I LOVE PINK" Shirt because Pink is my favorite color. Big Grin

I am waiting on my Unsecured Credit Card and My FREE Laptop that I started back in November of 2006. I will later be getting $130 and a $1,000 Gift Card for free too. I love FREE. Big Grin

I will be going out on Short Term Disability in September to take care of my Hernia and some other personal medical problems I may have. I feel fortunate at the Job I think sucks has many great benefits such as Short Term Disability for Medical reasons such as this.

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