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Broke and Disability

August 28th, 2007 at 07:18 pm

I am SOOOO BROKE! Frown I just got back from a week Vacation from work (Paid) and I will not get another Paycheck till next week. (Usually I get Paid Weekly) Again I got slammed to get another Promotion...not too disappointed at least it gets me time to go on Disability and get My Surgery for my Hernia taken care of.

Bills coming up:

Rent/Expenses (Split) - $350 a week

Expenses on my Own:

Car Insurance: $120 (I believe, hopefully I am off a bit but I doubt it)

YTB Business expense $50
Vonage Business Expense $30

National City Visa CC $50
C. Finance Mastercard $50

UGH I do not like Bills. Need to earn extra money somehow. Frown Pouting. Although I need to get better Financially on my own.

1 Responses to “Broke and Disability”

  1. Amber Says:

    I was just staring at my money software and thought "I am so broke" but I know things will get better and you have to remember that. I am sorry to hear about your promotion, I am sure something better will come along

    For extra cash have you started or tried selling things on eBay or Craig list

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