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August 30th, 2007 at 10:12 pm

Y'all remember The Secret? Yes Money comes to me easily and frequently.

I was finally able to Login to my Online Bank account today and I am not doing too bad...I have no money till next Friday but I have pocket money and the money that my Partner and I have together is going to hold us together for another week. We work at the same place and get paid weekly. We have "Together" Money (i.e. Bills, Food etc...) Then we have our Separate Money...I LOVE how we have it set up.

My Car Insurance took. WHEW! They would have billed me DOUBLE for next month and THANKFULLY they took it this month. No need to explain, just at the time didn't have it when it was due.

Did not get Promoted like I said...but will be starting my Disability next week. Going to get Prepared for that.

Thinking about My Business...I am going to get things going on it. My Goal is to make enough to stay home. Looking into Free Promotion and Advertising and some cheap Advertising as well.

TGIF tomorrow! SIGH.

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