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Money Evaluation

September 6th, 2007 at 06:38 pm

Savings Accounts:

Savings Account 1: $25
Savings Account 2: $25
ING Account: $82?

Bills Due:

YTB $50
Car Insurance $50
National City CC $10-$50
Mastercard $50

$100 for Surgery
$10-$30 for Pain Prescriptions
$20 (Mom was sweet to cover) Appointment for Surgery

Main account $350 (for all other bills w/Partner - Rent, Gas, Power, Comcast etc...)

Checking Account: ?

This week I will be getting
The following week

When my Disability Checks come in it would be the first one for only two days $206 and then the following would be $480. I think I can budget all of this for this month. Not sure how Surgery is going to be as I do not have Surgery that often.

Then I will be back to work. Later my Partner and I will be only be doing $300 a week and then $250. We just want to make sure we have all Bases covered with Bills and Surgeries...My Daughter just had her teeth done too. Then I will have more money to focus on Saving, Investing and Paying off OLD Debt.

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