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Budget/Credit/Debt Analysis

September 7th, 2007 at 09:50 pm

Oh I hope I don't turn into Analysis Paralysis! But I am trying to figure out the BEST way to Manage my Money.

I want to be able to Save, Invest, Cut Debt,have a 401K and Spend a little bit and open up a Savings for my DD. PLUS pay my separate Bills.

My Check normally is $480, once we go back down to $250 for our living arrangement that will leave me with about $230.

My Partner invests about $25 for the 401K for the company we work at...plus they match whatever you put in and get Company Traded Stock. Works out well!

$230 to work with....hmmmm

I will be using Sharebuilder to invest in Stocks...probably the Automatic Plan because then the Stocks are only $4 when you do it that way. Which I can do Monthly or Weekly. I will most likely do Monthly.

I would like to Save at least 10% weekly in my Savings Account.

Then paying off Old Debt about 10% a week also.

Plus Bills which equals 2 CCs, YTB and Car Insurance. Which are due 09/17/07, 09/17/07, 09/18/07 and 09/22/07.

I want to be more Organized with my Finances. I signed back up for Zooba and it will be sending me a Credit Book. I cannot wait to read it.

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