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Savings in Child Care!

February 27th, 2005 at 02:48 am

I cannot believe this did not occur to me before...but for everytime I get assistance on Child Care, which at the moment is about 60% of the cost....I should SAVE that money! DUH! I feel I am getting closer to my Car Goal. I will be going to an Auction in about a month or a maybe in a month and half to purchase myself a Vehicle. I am very excited.

I am also happy that I had controlled some more urges to spend. But, unfornantely I have to pay for my books and administration costs for College. Which is about every quarter. Frown So it may take LONGER......UGH!!

Calculating Check

February 26th, 2005 at 07:44 pm

I had paid rent $120.00
Went to IHOP 20.39
Shopping 20.00
TOTAL =$160.39
+7.39 (Bank Balance)

Tuesday I will be able to pay the rest of my bills and then put $40.00 in Savings. I will not be advertising my business officially. Right now I will just be doing cheap ways to do it. by putting up flyers and such.



February 26th, 2005 at 05:15 am

Well I got my first paycheck! It was for only a week but who cares!

The amount was $369.40
Expenses & Bills 271.00

TOTAL = $98.40

Yes! I am able to save. I am also going to be opening a ING Direct account because they do not have a limited amount for Savings! I am going to save at LEAST $40.00 and then in the future have them automatically put money in my Savings!

Yay! I am taking a step to reaching my Goal of owning my own Car.

Budgeting, Expenses and BILLS

February 25th, 2005 at 04:09 am

Tomorrow I get paid (Yay!) anyway I will have some expenses and bills that I need to take care of BUT I also need to begin Saving.

College Fee $97.00
Rent 120.00
Ameriplan Fee 35.00
AMP Sales Aids 19.00
Child Care Waived (Assistance)
TOTAL = $271.00

Now I will have to wait and see what is leftover for SAVINGS and Advertising and find out the TOTAL of my Paycheck.

BANK TOTAL: $7.78 (Looks like I will be eating Ramen Noodles for Lunch tomorrow)

I am hoping on my next paycheck I can have enough for SAVINGS and ADVERTISING.

I am also waiting to see if I will be approved for Overdraft Protection on my account.

I am buying lunch today....

February 24th, 2005 at 06:13 pm

Yes, I know I can save money by eating my Ramen Noodles but I figure I will get paid tomorrow so everything should be ok.

I am going to try to budget my check to work accordingly so I can save.

Automated Budgeting Software

February 24th, 2005 at 07:01 am

I had to add another entry because I have now solved another issue to my Savings-I had looked into using Excel and MS Money but either one is either inflexible or too complicated and now I had just discovered and I plan to purchase it this next payday as an investment to my Savings. Smile


My First Entry to Savings Bliss.....

February 24th, 2005 at 06:11 am

Well first I would like to add this is my first time at this website called and the Forum is Great! I had just learned that I can post my signature after 10 Posts and that I get paid to write in my Journal. The Irony part of it all is I had already decided prior to starting a Budgeting Journal and you learn something new everyday.

Little about Me:
22 year old Single Mom from Utah living at home.

GOAL: A Car and Apartment.

Well I am going to start by saying I will begin my Savings on Friday, February 25th 2005 when I recieve my first paycheck from my permanent new full time Job @ $10/hour at 40 hours a week.

I am now thinking being Frugal becomes a Hobby!

I have a part time business that I am still trying to get off the ground and in the mean time I think I am going to have to start selling on eBay again in order to supplement my income. I have only did it once but now I think it may be beneficial if I did.

Well I will post more tomorrow on my effort to save money.