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Spending Log

April 28th, 2005 at 05:23 pm

Well yesterday I went to Panda Express and spent $12.03 and tonight was $19.35 for Five Buck Pizza.

My Current Bank Balance is $198.26

Still waiting for my checks to go through. ($55, $10, $32, $35). I sure hope I am not forgetting anything else.

I think my balance LEFTOVER will be $66.00.

I had signed up for an FSA account of $500 for June-December 2005. I plan to use that in conjunction with my
AmeriPlan and also for my Daughter's prescriptions. I figure per pay period would be $41.67. This will not go into affect until June 2005.

I also recieved free $50,000 in Life Insurance from my Employer.

I am considering opening up a separate Checking Account for my AVON Business.

With all these figures I will need to track money income even more.

Ok, Lets Do some MATH!

April 27th, 2005 at 06:03 pm


AVON Money $222.44
My Own Deposit: ???? (I will possibly wait till all the checks go through)
Savings Total: $99.07

I have also set myself up for Direct Deposit of $150.00 into my Savings and I believe it will go through next pay period.

Checking Total: $502.87
(Recieved Refund of $60.00)

Money Spent:

AVON: $292.58
Luncheon $10.00
Product $55.00
DWSA $32.00
AmeriPlan $35.00
TOTAL: $424.58

I am a little disappointed....

April 25th, 2005 at 04:49 pm

I took $220 out of my Savings because I thought I would be short in my Checking. I think I was wrong.

AVON is $290.00
Ameriplan is $35.00
Child Care is $110.00
AVON Event $32.00
Product $55.00
Babysitter $40.00
TOTAL: $562.00

My checks had already went through for Rent and Child Care. I am waiting for the rest. Plus, I am getting paid for my AVON this week. But I am not too worried I will have Direct Deposit for my Savings here soon. I will also try to save an EXTRA $100 as well so I can get my Car. I should have my Car in a couple of months...sigh.

AVON Order and Bills

April 20th, 2005 at 07:39 pm

I had submitted an AVON Order for $406.00 (my best Campaign and second since starting). I am having some technical issues and so it may take a little longer for the order to come through plus I get 50% from the order for profit.

Rent will be $200.00
Child Care is $110.00
Stuff I bought $55.00
AmeriPlan is $35.00
Lunch at work ????
Savings ???
Bill ???

I am hoping I am not forgetting anything else.

Last night I went to a Club and spent $10 + $2 ATM Charge and got two free drinks.

BANK TOTAL: $19.30

I was also looking into another Opportunity.

I am still waiting for my Refund for the Credit/Mortgage System - $60.00

Saturday Log

April 18th, 2005 at 05:03 pm

Saturday I wanted to eat Taco Time and so I bought about $9.00 worth of food. I also wanted to rent a Movie (The NoteBook) and I paid $10.64 for the deal.


Business is good!

My C-9 may be kind of big because my Upline may not be doing AVON anymore for a while.

Right now I have 4 orders and I am going to go and collect the rest today and tomorrow.

I Love doing AVON. It is very fun!


Lunch and Shopping

April 16th, 2005 at 02:40 am

Well today during my split shift I went out to lunch with a few co-workers and we went to Panda Express
and to Kohl's.

My Lunch cost $6.86 and the clothes I paid for at Kohl's was $26.50.

I had shopped the Sales racks (70% off) I had bought 2 pairs of work pants and one blouse for $26.50

Lunch, I had got three sides and a drink and that was $6.86

The Total was $33.36

I had to buy pants because I had gained alot of weight this year and now my pants don't fit me. I am working on a diet plan but it is not my immediate goal at the moment. I have started eating trail mix instead of junk food but my problem is I feel hungry all the time.

Other than that, my AVON business is going good!

My first campaign C-8 I had one order for $14.00

On my second campaign C-9 I will have at least five orders. I will be collecting my orders Monday.

SO far I have:
1 order-2 items at $3.98 (Not including tax or shipping) I decided for this client she is either going to sign up to be a represenative and/or I am going to get her the Outlet Catalog.

My First Four Campaigns I get 50% then after I have to work my way up to that much. Which I think is a great motivator.

I am still deciding what I am going to do with my Discount Health Care Business.

Future Bills

April 15th, 2005 at 05:39 am

Already thinking about what is due for my next payday just to be sure I will have the money on hand.

Rent $80.00 (My parents gave me a break)
AVON $100.00+
Child Care $130.00
AmeriPlan $35.00
Lunch @ Work $60.00+
TOTAL so far = $405.00 ESTIMATE

Paid the Bills and the Savings!

April 12th, 2005 at 04:02 am

Ok here is what I did today

Paid AVON there $50.60
Paid Medical Bill for $30.00
Deposited $175.00 into SAVINGS
Deposited ANOTHER $14.00 into Savings (AVON Pay)

I am expecting my Refund of $60.00 to go back into my Account in the next few days...

Medical Bill....AVON and Savings Deposit

April 11th, 2005 at 04:52 pm

Well, I had called the medical office to pay a bill over the phone and the woman was not available so I left a Message. The Bill is for $30.00

I still have to pay AVON some money. I owe them at least $50.00

I will be depositing $175.00 into Savings.

Money Spent So Far.....

April 10th, 2005 at 04:46 am

Mostly on AVON!

AVON $33.95
Rent $240.00
Smiths $30.40
Liz Pictures $15.94
Walmart $31.53
Dollar Store $16.26
Total: $368.08

Leftover $320.92

I still owe AVON about $50.00 plus I am going to pay a medical bill tomorrow and deposit the rest into Savings.


April 8th, 2005 at 03:25 pm

I love Payday!

My Check is $689.41

Rent $240.00
AVON Products $35.00
Medical Bill $50.00
AVON $50.00
TOTAL $375.00

I am also going to send back my Credit/Mortgage System. Which means I will get a refund for $60.00.

I had also set myself up for Direct Deposit. I want them to take out $150.00 and put it in my Savings Account.

I did not go to work today, Frown My daughter had kept me up all night and so I am tired. Which means I am out $80.00 because I do not qualify for Sick pay yet.

I will be starting my Telemarketing Job probably this weekend.

I am also working on building a Customer Base for my AVON Business. I went to my first AVON Meeting last night and I enjoyed it. I Love AVON Meetings. I have a Leadership Meeting next Thursday as well. MY Goal is 5 on my downline and 15 customers.

I will be putting an Ad in the paper for my AmeriPlan Business for Members. My Goal is to enroll 10 Members. Then if the Ad continues to go well I will keep putting the Ad in the paper.

I am still working on getting my Car. Between working and everything else I am doing, I just haven't been very focused.

I owe my College $98.00 but I do not have to pay that till the end of the quarter.

My Last chunk of money

April 2nd, 2005 at 07:51 pm

Well I paid my brother $10 to clean for me because I am having guests coming over-this ended up being a win-win situation because he is leaving for Job Corps on Tuesday and they do not pay that much there-trust me, I know.

I also sent aside $10 to join AVON and my AVON Lady and her Unit Leader will be here today.

I also planning on paying a $100 Medical Bill from my daughter when she was having really bad weazing and I had to take her to Primary Children's Hospital.

Next Check, things I plan on doing:
Pay Rent $240.00
Medical Bill $100.00
Savings $250.00
Lunch @ Work $40.00
AVON Products $35.00
TOTAL: $675.00 is how much I am estimating.