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September 17th, 2005 at 04:19 pm

Well, things have been going so-so.

I had applied for a WAH Job and I was denied at this time. Which is fine. I would only be making $9 with Benefits Part-time anyway.

I had also applied for another Position in my Company at $11-$15 an hour, 40 Hours a Week and I find out the Results next week. Nerve Wrecking until I find out.

Right now I make $10 and work Split Shift- It is hard on my family because they watch my daughter. My New Job I would have to work on Saturdays and they don't want that either. So I am a little peeved. I Pay Rent and everything, I just need them to work with me too. I am trying My Best to get off the Split Shift.

I am doing 4 AutoSurfs, 10 PTRs and some other things Online to make a little Cash. It is a Process until I get better at it and since I have no time this is what I do.

Hmmmm I am hoping I can get on my feet soon and not have to worry so much.

Oh and thanks y'all for the Comments. Much Appreciated.


I know its been a while....

September 12th, 2005 at 12:32 am

Trying to keep up with all my Journals and such.

Well I had finally found a way to Make Money Online and I am doing pretty good with it.

I have been looking at all the Get Paids and Investment Programs online and let me tell you, there are ALOT.

I had also started a Blog and Website on the Topic. It was nice to do those things again.

My Friend was trying to get to Sign up for Pampered Chef, and although I would like to, I REALLY don't have the time for it.

Just been keeping up with the bills and such.