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$20 Challenge and Making Extra $$$$

July 29th, 2006 at 07:41 pm

ok so far I have Overtime, I will start signing up for it next week. Although they had already given me a Mandatory hour for next week LOL.

Ok Ima Saver had given me some brilliant ideas for my $20 Challenge. I do not buy lunch anymore PERIOD, which would probably cost me $20 bucks a week, I could then add that to my $20 Challenge starting Monday.

So lets say I have $20, now $20 = $40 for $20 Challenge. Add $20 each week I do not buy Lunch YIPPEE! Big Grin

I also can figure each time I want to buy something from the machine I could add that $1 or .75 cents as well.

I ate out today so I cannot add that to my Challenge Frown (almost $10)

I am unsure about the whole Coupon thing. But I guess I could do a Cost and Compare.

I also shop at Smith's and use their Savings Card so whenever I Save Money I can add that as well. But since I will be moving my local Grocery store will be Harmons so I will have to see if they have a Savings Card.

I have a Coin Jar. That will be added as well.

Hmmmm I figure I could keep this all on a Spread Sheet.

Now as far as Making Money, I want to Promote My Business which I am going to have a Very Focused, Inexpensive Detailed Marketing Plan.

I also want to Save $50 a week like I was at my previous Job.

Just got my first Whole Check

July 28th, 2006 at 11:59 pm

I get Paid Weekly and I Opted out of ALL the Benefits (I have Health Insurance from another source) and it is just barely enough.

I think between my Daughter and myself I can make do with $50 a week on Groceries.

What I want to do is set aside Money for Savings and Promoting my Business consistently.

At my Apartment I will also be getting Internet and Basic Cable.


Rent $525
Child Care $400
Utilities ?
Gas $60 (a month)
Insurance $68
Groceries $200
Internet and Cable $100
TOTAL: $1353

I will need to live by a stricter budget in order to meet my Advertising and Saving needs.

I will be working Overtime at Work when they need me too but I may just sign up to work from 7-5 pm.

$20 Challenge - CLUELESS!

July 27th, 2006 at 03:49 am

As is to what to do! I know, EBAY...I am really sick of that word. LOL.

I want to do something creative, out of the box kind of thing.

This Challenge as no limits right? Well I need to look at my old Posts and maybe check out some ideas of others to their $20 Challenge.


Saving for Apartment

July 26th, 2006 at 01:32 am

Well I Saving for my Apartment. I found one, I just need to look at it and get a Definite "Yes, its YOURS" I go and look at it tomorrow. I want to get IN!

I already have half as much of the Money I need so I just need to save for the rest and the Utilities and Groceries. I am not worried about
Furniture or anything because I already have some and I have some help with it.

Appliances I am getting on Sale at Walmart and Furniture I am getting from the Thrift Store. I also get Paid Weekly so it makes things easier. I also just Cancelled alot of things I was doing that I really did not need.

Next I am looking at my Debt and getting an Divorce.

Organization, Cleaning, Budgeting and Saving

July 22nd, 2006 at 06:34 am

ALL the Things I need to do before I Move.

I was tempted to buy some extra Jerky from my Jerky Business but I decided against it. YAY! I will have to wait another month before I get more. Frown Oh well. (Jerky Biz is paid for)

My New Job is GREAT! I got Paid Direct Deposit IMMEDIATELY! And now that I get Paid Weekly I will need to watch my Money more carefully.

So I decided to start a Master Plan List in order to Stay Productive, Save Money, etc...on Excel.

Going to look at Apartments on Saturday

July 20th, 2006 at 04:18 am

I just started my New Job last week? I know it seems all of a sudden but I have been waiting literally YEARS to be on my own. Even when I was Married Wink

Anyway I get Paid weekly, my concern is how much it is going to cost me to initially move in. I want to move out within 3 months with all the furniture I need and all. I will be getting some help with that.

I am also a little worried with Winter and darker days coming up. Being a Single Mom, you get kind of freaked out sometimes LOL. My brother lives on his own but I think it is different for him.

Anyway looking at Apartments on Saturday and I hope I can find out some information to understand better how much I will need.

Got an even BETTER JOB!

July 15th, 2006 at 01:41 pm

With a Company that supposedly has the Best Benefits in the Nation. I also get over $1 more, which means I can get my own Apartment!

So as soon as I am comfortable and working here for a couple of months I will be getting an apartment for my daughter and I. I am really excited. I had cut some expenses so I think it will be fine, I also think I will be able to save some money as well.

Fixed Expenses:
Child Care
Cell Phone
Car Insurance

I think that is everything. I am also working on my homebased business, which I want to one day cover my Rent or Child Care or more.