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Trying something New

June 20th, 2005 at 05:46 am

I am usually not into those "Get Paid to read email, surf the net, take surveys blah blah blah" Programs but I think I found one that is a little different.

I have been doing research on it all weekend and decided to take a shot. It is called 'Studio Traffic' and you earn 1% daily based on your account level. Right now my account level is at $10 and I earn 1% based on the 200 websites I visit. And this is not Manual Surfing, this is Auto-Surf. I plan to upgrade to $100 so I can earn $1 a day visit 100 websites. I have thoroughly visited all through their site and continue to do so. I actually KNOW people who are making money with this Program and I am going to try it.

Just today I earned .10 cents. I know it may not seem like alot but in 30 days I will have $3 and since I will be Upgrading before then I will earn $30. Now within 3 months you earn back what you have put into it and then the rest is profit thereafter. Every Upgrade expires in a 1 year. You can upgrade in $10 increments up to $15,000.

I just thought I would I said, I have never done this before and there are some really SERIOUS people doing it, which surprises me even more.

So, I am going to try it out and see what comes of it.


Car Update....Organizing

June 6th, 2005 at 05:33 am

Well...I have some Good News and Some Bad News...Ugh...

OK well I am up to $700 for a Car and I had PLANNED on going to the Auction but it was suggested otherwise that would if the Car would not pass Emissions and that I could get a BETTER Car with MORE MONEY...

So now I am going to wait until I am at least up to $1200-$1400 for a Car...and by a Dodge Neon...

So I am figuring it will still take 3-4 more Paychecks to reach that mark.

I had also bought some Necessities this weekend. I went to Walmart and bought a Filing Cabinet, which I need to Organize all my Papers. I am so Excited this weekend I actually Cleaned and Organized and I am so Proud that I have finally got on the ball to do you know what is like sorting through clothes and papers? I threw out a whole load of stuff, it felt great! And since I do not have enough money for Organizing Products I did manage to find Places for the stuff I kept. I still have a TON of AVON Boxes...I will always have alot of those I guess. LOL. I still have a little bit more to finish up on...but I am pretty much done.

I had three AVON Orders...I realize I am slacking BIG I figure it must be a tight time right now for alot of people and so I am going to pass out some Outlet and Beauty on a Budget Catalogs along with the AVON Catalog and I also plan on having possibly a Free Gift or Discount with their next Order...

I am also going to get on the ball for my Business and Call some Leads tomrrow...I also signed up for Advanced Commissions which is $100 per Broker Prospect and I am not sure about the amount for Members but it does vary.