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August 31st, 2007 at 05:12 am

Y'all remember The Secret? Yes Money comes to me easily and frequently.

I was finally able to Login to my Online Bank account today and I am not doing too bad...I have no money till next Friday but I have pocket money and the money that my Partner and I have together is going to hold us together for another week. We work at the same place and get paid weekly. We have "Together" Money (i.e. Bills, Food etc...) Then we have our Separate Money...I LOVE how we have it set up.

My Car Insurance took. WHEW! They would have billed me DOUBLE for next month and THANKFULLY they took it this month. No need to explain, just at the time didn't have it when it was due.

Did not get Promoted like I said...but will be starting my Disability next week. Going to get Prepared for that.

Thinking about My Business...I am going to get things going on it. My Goal is to make enough to stay home. Looking into Free Promotion and Advertising and some cheap Advertising as well.

TGIF tomorrow! SIGH.

Broke and Disability

August 29th, 2007 at 02:18 am

I am SOOOO BROKE! Frown I just got back from a week Vacation from work (Paid) and I will not get another Paycheck till next week. (Usually I get Paid Weekly) Again I got slammed to get another Promotion...not too disappointed at least it gets me time to go on Disability and get My Surgery for my Hernia taken care of.

Bills coming up:

Rent/Expenses (Split) - $350 a week

Expenses on my Own:

Car Insurance: $120 (I believe, hopefully I am off a bit but I doubt it)

YTB Business expense $50
Vonage Business Expense $30

National City Visa CC $50
C. Finance Mastercard $50

UGH I do not like Bills. Need to earn extra money somehow. Frown Pouting. Although I need to get better Financially on my own.

Went Shopping today

August 26th, 2007 at 03:02 am

And Shopped through ONLY CLEARANCE Section at the Mall. I stopped at American Eagle and got two shirts for $6.95 a piece from $19.50 and the other was over $20 something dollars. I also went to the Victoria's Secret Store and printed off my $10 Off VS PINK Line and got myself a "I LOVE PINK" Shirt because Pink is my favorite color. Big Grin

I am waiting on my Unsecured Credit Card and My FREE Laptop that I started back in November of 2006. I will later be getting $130 and a $1,000 Gift Card for free too. I love FREE. Big Grin

I will be going out on Short Term Disability in September to take care of my Hernia and some other personal medical problems I may have. I feel fortunate at the Job I think sucks has many great benefits such as Short Term Disability for Medical reasons such as this.


August 23rd, 2007 at 03:09 am

FOR AN UNSECURED CREDIT CARD! It has been SO LONG since I had even THOUGHT of having an Unsecured Credit Card. The Fees are high and so is the interest but it is so worth it to Me! My Limit is only $300 like my Secured Card but they do regular monthly reporting to the Credit Bureaus and Semi-Annual Credit
Limit Increases etc...and I know to becareful as I am working towards fixing my Credit and why I am on this site but you have no idea how good it feels to be Approved for a UNSECURED Credit Card! Big Grin

UGH I am such a dork

August 22nd, 2007 at 04:49 am

I had paid too much on my CC this month! UGH so frustrated. I know it may sound like a good thing but I just really wanted my balance to go away and I forgot that I had 2 different payments coming out this month that I had to pay...I only remembered the one...ugh I will be in the red. I had contacted my Car Insurance to see if they could hold off a couple of days and of course they said that they couldn't. I am just so P'OD at myself. >Frown

Stocks & 401K

August 21st, 2007 at 03:37 am

Stocks- I decided to purchase Stock through through account so I can get double the bonus and invest in my Business and Company Stock on my own plus a couple of my other favorites.

Well I have a plan to open up a 401K through my Company and I would like to sign up soon, I will try to do close to the minimum but a little bit more if possible. My Long Term future is more important than my Short Term Financial Future.

I am really interested in learning about Stocks and Finance as it is something I am interested in besides Business and Marketing. Money and Business interest me. I would like to take it to the next Level.

Hmmm Savings

August 18th, 2007 at 06:22 pm

Well I just barely logged back into my ING Account after a million years and Updated my Account information and I saw I had earned a TON of interest and still had my money in there...but I also have another Savings account that I cannot touch that is supposed to be used for random checks I received and I would like to Deposit into both Savings but not quite sure how I plan on doing this...what I want to do is possible do automatic transfers every week from my Checking to my home Savings account but then again I earn higher interest with my ING Savings account...not qute sure how I want to do this....


DD Savings
ME Savings
Pay off Debt
Some type of CD and Investing such as
PLAY Money!
MAKE More Money

Hmmm....need to write this down on paper


August 17th, 2007 at 06:18 am

IT is painfully hanging over my head. I decided against Debt Consolidation for the time being because I think I cannot afford $80 bucks a week towards paying off my old debt. Every time when I attempted to think about fixing my debt, my head hurts and I feel sort of helpless. Although I know I am sure there is something I can do. Just not sure how I am going to go about this yet. Sigh. On top of that I want to sign up for my Job's 401K, open up a Savings Account for DD and start putting $$$ back into my Savings. I am failing at all of these things right now, Frown PLUS I want to pay off my Secured Card again so I can use it for things again. My Relatives keep insisting the B word and I just couldn't ever do something like that. Like I always say, I OWE this money to them. They don't owe me anything.

I also want to go to College badly Frown . I am looking into Grants and Scholarships before I consider a loan. I want to get my Bachelors of Science in Sales and Marketing and take Online Courses. My Job has Tuition Reimbursement but I do not see myself there for another million years and still have BIG Goals and Dreams to be an Entreprenuer and that I am working on DAILY.

Sigh there now I whined my sorrows about Finance will be getting all of that sorted. Sigh.