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Learning to Budget.......Went to Vegas

April 24th, 2007 at 03:46 am

Well at the advice of my Beau, I began using my Check Registery for my Purchases on my main Checking/Debit Account. I now right down everything I use on the account.

I am expecting a $34 Refund Check for my Daughter's pictures that came out crappy and a $10 Total from Pinecone for Surveys. I also cashed out MyPoints for myself as a Birthday Present...I had enough for a $50 Gift Card. Smile

Las Vegas was Great, we lived off of Comps and we had a Free Room for a couple of days...we also won which means everything we did in Vegas was absolutely FREE Big Grin

I feel bad for taking the $400 from my Savings account but I plan on replacing it again later plus with extra that I have been keeping in my main account just fear of going in the red again.

I also started working on my Business...going to try to boost it a little bit more.

Billing Dates and Budgeting

April 6th, 2007 at 03:32 am

UGH I have been in the red two weeks in a row! :O Most of it has to do with, my beau and I eat out alot and we take turns paying for things and I end up forgetting what needs to be Paid and I go overboard. Frown

So now I have to actually figure my Budget (I know, should have done this previously) and figure out what is going to be Paid and When. Sigh.

Right now I am writing down Dates of when things go out of my Account.

I am also working on my Travel Business and Jerky Business, or will be attempting too once I figure out my Finances.

I still need to fix My Credit. I saw something in a Magazine today about fixing Credit so I will be reading more about it tonight.