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This Weekend's Spending

September 30th, 2006 at 11:22 pm

Lunch $4.75 $43.91
Walmart $79.60
McDonalds $5.02
KOHLS $61.91
Albertsons $24.96
Rent $75.00
Daycare $90.00
Medical Bill $10.00
Comcast $75.57
TOTAL: $470.72

I think I have it all Covered. I need to get on my Challenge though...I still owe myself money. I will be depositing $50 + $5 Pinecone Check next Saturday.

Giving & Bills

September 30th, 2006 at 06:56 am

Today I thought I deserved to buy Lunch since it was Payday and I left a $1 tip.

The Total was $4.75

Then I went and saw my mom at Chilis because it was her birthday and then we went to Walmart after and I purchased a couple of things.

$79.60 actual total: $59.60

I got $20 Cash back because I needed to get my favorite meal. TRIPA TACOS that I haven't had for almost two weeks! GOING CRAZY EEK!

Paid by Comcast Bill: $75.57

Then on my CC I put an Order for a friend who is going through an Ordeal, some Mia Bella Candles $63. I will be paying off CC next week. I actually love the Convenience of my CC. When I think I cannot buy something because I do not have the money, I use my CC and can pay it off 3 weeks later and still not go into OD on my Debit account. It WORKS GREAT!

I also got my Gas Bill, it was about $24. Due on 10/18/06.


2 cents : (

September 28th, 2006 at 05:34 am

I HAVE to mail out my Invitations NOW...I had 37 cent stamps before I discovered my newer stamps...I thought GOOD! I have Stamps to use, ONLY TO DISCOVER the Rate went up 2 cents...I DO NOT HAVE TIME to buy 2 cent stamps...I wasted my 37 cent stamps : ( I am really sad and annoyed about it...

37 * 8 = $2.96
2 cents * 8 = 16 cents

I had to place my new stamps over my old Stamps...I wasted $3.12+$2.96= $6.08 because I didn't BUY 16 cent worth of Stamps...

I thought they were waiting until January to change to 39 cents??? I guess they remembered the Holidays were coming up and didn't want to waste an Opportunity.

There is my 2 cent VENT for the Day Frown

Bills, Bills, Bills

September 28th, 2006 at 02:43 am

Resolved Issue with Daycare, they said they HAD received all my Pay since my daughter started. No, Really?! LOL. Big Grin

I got a couple of Bills, two days in a row:

Power Bill $27.85 Due 10/13/06

Credit Card $127.08 Due 10/13/06

Issues with Daycare >:(

September 26th, 2006 at 03:35 am

I write them a check EVERY WEEK, I never miss a BEAT. I pay EVERY SINGLE MONDAY! Now the Manager is trying to tell me I missed paying.

So what I did was I Printed out the Checks THEY Cashed from my Bank that I use Online and I gave it to them. The Transactions.

But how DARE someone tell me I don't PAY??? I PAY!!! >: ( That makes me VERY Angry and it reminds me of the issue I had with my Car Insurance Company just the month before that.

It makes me angry how they try to RIP yeah when you already paying out anyway! At least I pay and try not to get away with anything! > : (

Expenses this Weekend

September 24th, 2006 at 10:12 pm

Car Insurance $62.83
Aside for Rent $150
Mom's B-Day $32.12
Close Chase Acct $30.63
Friday Lunch @ Work $4.75
McDonalds $5.02
Daycare $90.00
Walmart $26.71
Albertsons $27.89
Medical Bill $10.00
GAS $12.37
Total: $452.32

LEFTOVER: $77.68

Do I not know how to shop?!

September 23rd, 2006 at 07:04 pm

Today I for some reason thought I had a Walgreens. I do not have a Walgreens. I had a Plan. I ended up driving around for 40 minutes looking for somewhere to go. It was stupid and I wasted Gas. I finally stopped at Kohls, didn't really see anything I wanted. I am just so mad I wasted Gas! The whole week I did good, I only used about 1/4 of a tank from just driving to work! Now I used MORE and that just really irritates me. I do not need that many Groceries this week, but I still need Milk & Bread and a couple of other smaller items.

I also went to close my Chase account but they told me I would have to wait till Monday.

My Bank also overcharged me $2 on a check and so I need to call them Monday as well.

Expenses so Far

September 22nd, 2006 at 04:20 pm

Car Insurance $62.83
Rent $150
Mom's B-Day $32.12
Close Chase Acct $30.63

No Spend Day or not?

September 22nd, 2006 at 04:20 am

My Daughter's Preschool had called & said she was sick. My mom went and picked her up and took her to the Doctor and the total with the Co-Pay and Medicines were:


Plus I volunteered and worked 1 hour Overtime today. I am going to volunteer again tomorrow.

$19.95 (time and a half)

I am also able to view my Check Online every Thursday and so tomorrow I will be Paid:


3rd No Spend Day

September 21st, 2006 at 05:11 am

Brought my Lunch again. We also got Free Fresh Cookies at work during all our Breaks, I kind of got sick of them after the second break. Tomorrow is Thursday and if all works out I will put $15 bucks in the Challenge fund for not eating Lunch out at work on Friday.

Which will bring my Tally up to:


$5 Pinecone


$12 Gillette Rebate (Mailing it off tomorrow)

$155.42 from Myself
TOTAL: $270.42

My Bills Evaluation

September 20th, 2006 at 03:11 pm

Bringing Lunch to work. Close to Payday. Need to pay Car Insurance and I am not sure what else is due. I made a decision to pay my Rent by Money Order. It is due next Friday as well as My Comcast Bill.

This week:

Car Insurance $63
Daycare $90
Groceries $50
Aside for Rent $150
TOTAL: $353

Next week:

Rent $525
Comcast $75
Daycare $90
Groceries $50

I get Paid Weekly so I try to Pay off those Bills that come up during that week but this week I am also setting aside money for Rent. I already have $300 aside so I have this week and next week to gather the rest. Having a Home is FIRST Priority. I think I will receive my Power Bill & Gas Bill in October. I also owe myself $140.

Here are my EXACT Bills:
Rent $525
Daycare $90
Car Insurance $63
Power Bill
Gas Bill
Comcast $85
MMG $39
Doc Bill $10 (Weekly)
CD $5.99

I just went over my Bills in my Online Account to see exactly what I pay every month. Its not alot. I am very fortunate for everything I have being a Single Mom and having a Good Job & Family Support when necessary. I also WORK & HAVE WORKED REALLY HARD to get Everything I Want.

Cancelled a couple of unnecessary Services

September 20th, 2006 at 05:59 am

I joined a Coupon site that matched Ads with Coupons. I just really didn't feel like I needed it. I was already slaving away all week matching Ads and finding Deals. If I find it might be useful in the future I will join again, other than that nah not at the Moment. Saved $5 a month there.

I also quit this Card Service that sends out Cards for you, but I can get Cards for $1 a peice at the Grocery Store AND $1 Store. So saved $20 bucks a Month there.

Why waste the money if I don't need to? I have done this before with Auto Ships. I have this Obsession with trying a bunch of things. But I enjoy it and as long as I am not Contracted then I am Happy to Cancel and do it again later if I want to. Big Grin

Received $5 Pinecone Check

September 19th, 2006 at 05:37 pm

Forgot my Lunch yesterday but I had kind of a bad day so I didn't buy anything and just ate when I came home. Today I am going to bring my Lunch and drink Propel water. I need to cut back on my soda. I had a weird dream. I cannot wait for the weekend. I did get to go home an hour early yesterday, because I signed the Roster too in case we were slow. AND WE WERE! My Daughter was so happy. I work so late and she did not have to sleep at the Daycare. She LOVES being in the Apartment and hanging out at home. I feel so guilty. But what can you do? We need the money I make and we can do fun things on the weekends. I am fortunate enough to have weekends off and THAT is a Big Deal for me!

Went to spend a $1 at the Dollar Store & $20 Challenge

September 18th, 2006 at 05:22 pm

and I ended up Spending $14.47 but keep in mind, everything was an Investment. Like 4x6 Index Card Box to hold all my Coupons and My Envelopes to process my Rebates. I also got my Daughter some more Water Colors because I know how much she Loves them. My Calculator to add and subtract my Finances and Rebates Big Grin and Invitations for my Housewarming Party. Nothing useless except maybe the Laffy Taffy LOL. Big Grin Wink

I forgot to add I owe Myself:

$91.42 for Comcast Discount
$49 for getting a Dining set half of what I set out to Pay
Total: $140.42 to $20 Challenge


$12 Gillette Vibrance Razor
$3 for Batteries
$15 Total

$5 Pinecone Survey

$20 Challenge: $464.03 (I AM CLOSE TO MY GOAL!Big Grin)

Rest of this weeks Bills

September 18th, 2006 at 04:03 pm

Preschool $90.00
Headset $71.37
Dining Set$60.00
TOTAL: $221.37

Which leaves me about $89 for the rest of the week.

Next week I have to pay my Car Insurance. The week after I have my Rent & Comcast Bill & My Mom's Birthday.

I was about to Call and Complain to Comcast for not adding my Credit for the Promotion and then I get the recording "Your total is $75.57" which means I do not have to pay $166.99. Doing the Cabbage Patch. I do not like Complaining but sometimes it is necessary but they changed it without having to Complain Big Grin

Today I need to stop at the $1 Store and get some Envelopes and put my Labels and Stamps on it so I can start processing my Rebates. Big Grin

Did I do Good? Because I want to kick myself, : (

September 17th, 2006 at 08:29 pm

First I forget to get extra coupons for Stockpile. But keep in mind this is the most Coupons I have ever used.

My Total was: $73.18
PC Savings: $15.38
Coupons: $9.29
34% Savings Frown

UGH! Next week will better! Big Grin

I also picked up the WRONG HAM! I got Honey Turkey instead of HONEY HAM! So now tomorrow I need to exchange it. The Cashier was nice and accepted all my Coupons. But the Catalina didn't print out, she said that machine maybe Broken. So I will remember that for next time.

Oh yeah I mistaken my HEINZ Ketchup for HUNTS so no Rebate for that. But I will get one for my $12 RAZOR Big Grin

I also got Gas for the week: $21.83 ($2.84 Gallon Unleaded)


September 17th, 2006 at 02:07 pm

I was going through the Rebates yesterday and I FOUND TWO YES TWO Products I had previously purchased and for some reason I had Saved all my Receipts from my purchases for my Apartment.

Hunts Ketchup $2.99

Rayovac Batteries $3.00

This Money of course will be going into my $20 Challenge Money. Big Grin

It also looks like I am getting a New Razor today from Gillette Wink and some more Toothpaste.

Financial Goals Re-evaluation

September 17th, 2006 at 05:33 am

1) Pay off Debt - Thinking of seeking for their Service to help pay down my Debt.

2) $20 Challenge Savings.

3) Savings for my Daughter.

4) BUSINESS! I am going to use $40 a week towards Promoting.

5) I still need to keep track each week as is to what Bills I am paying and which Bills at which time need to be Paid Monthly.

Dining Set : D

September 17th, 2006 at 12:28 am

There was this Dining set from Walmart I have wanted for THREE weeks and has not been available nor the Sales Clerks very Helpful. So I spoke to someone and they are going to give me their's for $50 BUCKS! Big Grin MY PLAN to spend on that previous Dining set was $99 which MEANS I can put the DIFFERENCE in my $20 Challenge!

Bringing it up to: $372.21 Big Grin

I cannot wait to do REBATES! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Walmart Tricks

September 16th, 2006 at 06:11 pm


Someone told me that it is $69 so I pick it up and have it Scanned and it is $99 and so I ask the Sales Clerk and he says that is the Price. Then I call the person who told me and they said that those All-in-one Printer was BY THE LAYWAY Section! Which means they keep the high priced ones (the exact same brand not as classy) by the Electronics/PC section and then the normal all-in-one by the Lawaway section. So since I clarified where the Printer was I ended up Saving myself at least $25 by asking questions. I also purchased Printer paper and a USB Cord.

And I FINALLY got my Indoor Fountain! I am So HAPPY because I am practicing Feng Shui and a Fountain represents flowing of Money; Prosperity.


Went to McDonalds and of course the guy forgot my Cheeseburger and he also forgot to Charge me for it but since it wasn't added on it was FREE. Big Grin


Rebates, Grocery Shopping & Savings

September 16th, 2006 at 02:25 pm

I need to Buy a Printer LOL, now I REALLY do in order to Print Rebate Forms...I have no clue on how to hook up a Printer...I am going to buy The Gillette Razor and I already purchased the Rayovak batteries so those will be my first two Rebates...I will probably do the Colgate Total also...I also have a Coupon for the toothpaste I think. Then when I receive them I am going to add them to my new Savings account.

I HAVE NO EXTRA COUPONS! I am so mad! I did not get any Stockpile Coupons! But at least I know My Bill will not be that much BUT STILL! I guess I will need to get some as soon as the Ad comes out. DUH!

I decided the $40 from my Daughter's School that I do not need to pay anymore is going to go into her Savings Account.


September 16th, 2006 at 05:00 am

I OPENED up a Savings and PHYSICALLY put my $20 Challenge Money into my Savings today!!!


I have:

$150 (Loan was Paid back to me)
$8.61 (Jerky Business check)
$20 (For the initial $20 Challenge)
$40 for my daughters Daycare that was reduced by $40 a month for turning 3! Big Grin
= $218.61

and I opened it up at My Credit Union and told the Bank NOT to link it to my Checking account and I want NO ATMs or any kind of Card. That Account is ONLY for DEPOSITS.

PLUS I am EXPECTING $100 from and
$5 Pinecone Check.

Which will bring my TOTAL up to: $323.61


Went to Inspect Albies

September 14th, 2006 at 06:38 pm

I needed Milk and I was going through the Deals for the week to match with my Coupons.

1/2 Gallon Milk is on Sale for $1 so I bought two and then at the Register they had Handisnacks for $1 a peice and I grabbed two. So my Total was $4.26 and I had SAVED $3.96! Big Grin Which means I SAVED 48%!!!

I also made myself a Lunch for work so I do not buy anything else from the Cafeteria.

I went back to the Post Office and took care of what I needed to to have my Grandmother's Package sent. I Paid by Credit Card and Credit Card is irrelevent because I pay off all the Bill every month and so I will just Post when I Pay that off with My Debit.

I called my Bank about having another Savings account NOT Linked to my other Checking & Savings and so I can do Direct Deposit of $100 in that account. I am CLOSING My Chase account. I am VERY Disapppointed in that Bank! NOT RECOMMENDED.

Haven't been Good : (

September 14th, 2006 at 02:18 pm

I have been spending money and I am really not sure what I have spent money on. I usually save receipts but I am not sure where all my receipts are. Tomorrow is Payday. I have no overtime for last week. I had one hour this week. I do not plan my shopping very well. I didn't buy myself anything to take to work for lunch. So I ended up buying lunch for a couple of days in a row. So now I am just waiting for everything to go through.

I was trying to ship my Grandmother's Birthday Gift at the Post Office and I get an Card back saying 'Insufficient Postage. Did not send Package' I am sure you can imagine how angry I was. Her Birthday is Monday. >Frown

Running around like a Chicken today

September 13th, 2006 at 06:56 am

with its head cut off! I went and picked up my Laundry today at the Cleaners ($30.49 Debit) went to Albies to get a new Humidifier for my Daughter ($22 Credit) then I went to the Post Office to mail a Package! I did the Self-Service and I have no idea how people from eBay DO THIS! I was annoyed with the whole process.

I was sending my Grandmother her Birthday Present and kind of early too! They are WONDERFUL People! My Grandparents. This year they have just made my life so easy, and I tell them I can do it and do not need help...they Paid for half of my Car ($750) then they gave me $300 and STUFF for my Apartment! (like new stuff) NOW and

I TELL THEM they do NOT need to do it, but they want to Pay for my All Weather Tires this Winter! They know I appreciate it all too, and I tell my Grandmother I don't need help, I am good I can handle it its on my List.

So then I went home, made a sandwich and then got ready for work. Didn't want to leave my Coupon Research Frown I also spent about $4 Credit on the Package Label and $4 Debit on Lunch today. I usually keep better track!

Did a Pinecone Survey today so I will add that $5 to my Challenge:

GOAL: $1500 Emergency Fund

99 cent Bread

September 11th, 2006 at 05:25 pm

Isn't always Good. I bought some and I am disappointed. I didn't think it would make a difference, but I think the 99 cent bread that

I used to eat at my old Grocery Store was Great. I am almost considering just picking up my bread there again but maybe I should check out the other bread at my new Grocery store first. But who wants to spend $2 for BREAD? I also have one of those Thrifty Bread Stores here so

I may check it out this coming weekend. There was also a B1G1 deal last week on $2 Bread at the Grocery store, I wonder if they still have it? I could at least freeze the other Loaf & get them for $1 a peice. We are talking about BREAD LOL! Big Grin But seriously I had no idea about the difference. It doesn't seem as 'full' KWIM? Big Grin

$100 from

September 11th, 2006 at 02:35 pm emailed me back to Verify my Lease Address for my Apartment. They are going to send me $100 for using their Service for finding an Apartment through them! Big Grin So I should get that money in a few weeks. I will add that money to my $20 Challenge! Which will bring me up to TOTAL CHALLENGE = $318.61.

I am making an attempt to cut back on my Spending & I am using Coupons. My Challenge Money is going to be used to build my Emergency Fund account since I do not have one. Which I guess should be about $1500.

I figure between Child Care ($40 a month) and Couponing (Saving the difference from Grocery Budget when I use from Coupons) it shouldn't take too long to build an Emergency Fund.

I still want to Live a Raise Behind also.

Preparing for Albies SALE!

September 11th, 2006 at 01:27 am

The new Sales Ad doesn't come out till WEDNESDAY here in Utah! I need Match-ups and I still have the old Ad! I am signing up for The Grocery Game as we speak so I can get in on the Stockpiling Action for Crest & I think Suave will be my first Stockpile. I am going to attempt two! I feel like I am running a Marathon gathering all of this Information LOL Big Grin

I am also Saving all my Coupons so whatever I don't use I will just send to someone. I would hate to waste them when someone else could get use out of them!

Ok The Grocery Game I can Save up to 50% BUT I want to get stuff free about .10 cents LOL. I have no patience for practice. Walgreens is in my area so I will attempt maybe some freebies there.

Off to do More Research!

Looking Back (Blog Entries)

September 10th, 2006 at 01:53 pm

I realized I have reached 4 of my Goals.

1) Apartment
2) Car
3) Credit Card (although Secured)
4) Pay off Debt (although Slowly)

Still want to be Financially Independent and have all my Debt Paid Off Completely.

I also want to have some Investments like CD & Invest in like Sharebuilder & Property.

I will be working an earlier shift in a couple of weeks (12-8pm) I am Happy about that Big Grin

I was thinking of maybe signing up for Overtime. I think 10 hours a week would put me at over $100 a week extra (that is if they give me all FIVE Days Overtime)

I also want to do $100 Direct Deposit into my Savings account & I want to keep that separate from my Challenge.

This week for Groceries I only spent $23 and my Budget for the week is $50 for Groceries. I figure if I subtract the difference I could add that to my Challenge also.

I also want to Plan my Spending better. Saturday I went Shopping & I really had NO CLUE as is to which Store I wanted to go to and WHY. I went to Kohl's to get my Grandmother a Birthday present & to Albies Grocery Shopping but I had no List of what I wanted & needed.

And see during the week I really don't need a Menu because my daughter is 3 and she only eats certain things and usually at Preschool (Remember I work till 10 pm) & so its kind of not necessary to plan a Menu.

Shopping for two is really interesting because I like to eat all kinds of foods but I really do not need that much food(Especially since I get Paid Weekly) & I think it is funny for me to be Stockpiling & Couponing Big Grin and with a daughter that is 3 you really do not need that much. BUT I do Plan on having Parties & Entertaining. I really enjoy that. Big Grin My first party is in a couple of weeks.

ANOTHER Comcast Deal & Got a Check in the MAIL! : )

September 10th, 2006 at 04:26 am

Ok so get this! I had just got the deal I wanted from Comcast (see previous Post) then I go to get $5 LC Pizza and there is a Coupon for a Free Movie on Basic Cable for New Customers for COMCAST! Big Grin (REBATE)

ALSO I got a Check in the mail from my Jerky Business! I REALLY need to work this Business! I don't but if I am consistent I am sure I can do real well with it! Big Grin I decided I am going to put that in one of my Savings accounts. It was $8.61. (Difference from Monthly Shipment of $12)

Plus I have $150 Post dated Check which I cash on Friday from someone I gave a Loan to.

I think I am ready to do my $20 Challenge!

$60 ($20 for $20 Challenge +$40 Child Care)
$150 (Loan I let someone borrow)
$8.61 (Jerky Check)

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