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Oh I am such a Screw up! :( ADVICE PLEASE!

June 11th, 2009 at 09:58 am

Work was slow so I left to go home early because they didn't need me and they gave me the option...well for a couple of weeks I worked only 20 hours and now I am so far behind in my bills and I owe so many people money I don't know what to do! Frown I screwed up so bad. I don't want to ask anyone for the money because my mom will hold it over my head...I keep getting overdraft fees but luckily I am with a Credit Union and only get overdraft fees when something cannot be paid. Its almost Friday and I get paid weekly but because the overdraft my check will be less. I have started to work 40 hours again. Tell me what to do! I have Canceled things that I really do not need. I am worried about my Credit Cards. I tried to make a payment one week and got a return charge because there was no money to pay it. PLEASE HELP ME!! I am so desperate. I know this is a bad way to come back since I haven't posted since July 2008. But I need help!!!