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2010 Goals - Hello again :)

November 29th, 2009 at 06:35 pm

Pay off my Debt (haven't Frown
Savings & Emergency Fund (Have none Frown
Make Money (Jewelry Parties - Goal 2 a week)

I no longer have a partner, she left me in July 2009 and I had to move back home till March 2010. So its just me and my daughter again. Smile

I already found an apartment I will be moving to (1 bedroom): $688 a month (includes water, cat)

After school care for my daughter $185
My Cell ATT $110
Utilities $100
Credit Card $50
Goal for Groceries $40 a week for two (will coupon & stockpile)
Beauty $110 (nails, hair, tanning - I am a new high maintenance woman but I get my nails done at Walmart and my friend does my hair)
No car payment
Car insurance cut from paycheck
Comcast Internet & Cable $130 (I think it was)
$1348 Month

Now if I can cut my Comcast to start I will put that extra money in my $20 Challenge or anything else I can cut. I am also going to start Kmart Layaway for my items needed again for my apartment after Christmas.

If you have any suggestions let me know.


8 Responses to “2010 Goals - Hello again :) ”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    I'd forget layaway and do my buying for the apartment at a dollar store and goodwill & thrift stores. But hey, that's just me. I don't like paying full retail price for stuff and if I do, I want it to be inexpensive, unless it is something that has to last forever.

    But really, when CashHappySon moved out last year? We got him (his $$s) all the kitchen & bathroom things that 'should be' new at the dollar store for about $125 dollars - pots n' pans, salt shakers, can openers, dish drainer, towels, coffee maker, etc.

    Welcome back - I had you pictured as a brunette before!

  2. HelpMeFriend Says:

    How well are you doing with your party business? Just curious.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your partner, but the smily face you put after the news tells me you think it was for the best.

    I'm the opposite in grocery and beauty expenses--only spend about $20 per month on beauty, but I like to have room for some luxury in my groceries, such as fancy olives. Most of us need some area where we splurge a bit on ourselves! Smile

  4. frugaltexan Says:

    Welcome back!

  5. jacquelynrose Says:

    Thanks you guys! I am actually a brunette just barely dyed it blond for the first time this year. And yes it was really hard to be left all of a sudden but 6 months later I am better. Smile

  6. NJDebbie Says:

    Congrats on your new apartment! I'm also sorry that your relationship with your partner ended; but you know what they say when a door closes another will open. Can you cut down on your cell phone bill; it seems a bit steep to me. Just a thought!

  7. jacquelynrose Says:

    Oh I almost forgot my medical

    $50 for my Prescriptions
    $60 for Co-Pays for Doc (Once a week) next year though I wont have co-pays with UHC though

  8. Jerry Says:

    When you say car insurance cut from paycheck do you mean that you are not having it automatically taken out, or that you are not keeping the policy? I also agree that the mobile phone bill seems very high and could lead to a reduction in costs, somehow.

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