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November 29th, 2009 at 06:58 pm

This year I decided to get everyone big gifts this year since I can since I am living at home. I have been buying one gift a week since I get paid every week.

Daughter - DS Lite $129 *Bought

Parents - Guitar Hero Beatles (splitting cost with siblings) $67.00-$100 *Buying Dec 12th

Brother - Laptop (buying from parents) $200 *buying Dec 19th

Sister - Sony Cybershot $119 *Buying Saturday Dec 5th

Daddy - Care Package $? (after Christmas)

I REALLY also want to get everyone Gift Cards since I LOVE Gift Cards (giving and receiving them) but I may not if I cannot afford to.

The ONLY thing I want for Christmas is my dog I got from my hairstylist friend...my parents let me take my cat and she sleeps in the basement with us but my ex took our dog even though the dog claimed me and the cat claimed my ex. I also had another bad situation where when I was first married and lived in Mexico I had to leave my dog there also...so its VERY sentimental I get this dog Frown ...My parents already have two dogs and three cats of their own...but they let me bring my cat and I take care of her here in my basement...my mom also loves that I love taking care of their dogs...the reason why is my dad thinks they already have too many animals here LOL..which is understandable LOL but it would be in the basement with me till I move out like my cat. So please HOPE I get the dog for Christmas!

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