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Anticipating the New Year....

November 12th, 2005 at 04:07 pm

I really hope to have a Great New Year...this year has been great...I got a GREAT Job I LOVE, made some WONDERFUL Friends at work and have been doing some of the things I have wanted to do...like go Clubbing, Shopping and all that stuff.

This next year I am anticipating alot of changes...I will be coming into MORE Money, Getting a Divorce, Moving to Oregon and Driving...which are all big things...

The Money part I hope will come through and I will be able to get rid of Old and New Debt, put into Savings and Invest into other things...I also look forward to buying things my daughter and I both want and need.

I working on two different income sources at the moment and I just hope they both succeed and have faith they will.

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